November 21, 2006

day 21, be creative

I've been talking to a great blogger buddy of mine Lindsay about designing me a new template. I tried to work with her before and nothing was working so we quit for awhile. Actually she told me to make up my stupid mind already and get back to her, or she would never talk to me again. Yeah, I was kinda like a blogzilla. Yes I like this and no I don't like that. Sorry Lindz, I am tamed and will be better. She does awesome work. She even started a new site just for her spectacular designs. Check it out here. They really are cute, she even has some holiday templates. So anyways I have a few ideas that I have expressed to her and was wondering what ideas you may have. What type of things would you like to see on a template, or what is your favorite design. Just leave a comment below and share your creative sides


  1. blogzilla........ WHATEVER!
    Figuring out what template you like is like buying a new pair of jeans... you HAVE to have the perfect fit!

  2. Anonymous11/22/2006

    Ooh, I love her Frosty the snowman.. not sure what to suggest for your site, but fun graphics are .. fun :)