November 3, 2006

Day 3 singing the blues

gFor the last couple of days I have been down and in a grumpy mood. I wish I could blame it on that "time of the month" but unfortunately I cannot. Chris and I have been nagging at each other all week and its gotten to the point where I didn't even talk to him yesterday and have no desire to speak with him today either. It makes it kinda easy when we have such opposite shifts. he works midnights from 10pm to 9am. I know I shouldn't be that way, but its how I feel right now. Nothing really has happened. Things are fine, work, home, the girls, they have all been okay. My mood just has been sad and depressed. Last night I was on the computer and tears were just waiting to come down for no reason. Nothing was sad or even remotely made me upset, I was just ready to cry. Maybe I'm just in the need of a good cry. I love Chris and the wedding plans are coming along. We are pacing ourselves so we don't get to stressed about things. We tend to push the wedding aside for a couple of weeks so we can do out day to day stuff and when need be we check back in on the wedding plans.
It could be a change in the weather. Last week marked our daylight saving time and we had to change our clocks. It now gets dark at around 5:30. Makes for a dark and depressing day if you work 10am-6pm. Hopefully this will pass soon and I can get back to enjoying Chris and the other things so active in my life. For now I wish I could crawl under a rock and sleep for days


  1. I feel that way quite a lot, luckily I'm married to a very patient and understanding man :) Hopefully it'll pass.. (and I think it's a good thing you have decided to pace yourselves with the wedding plans - we had to do ours in 4 months and it was a nightmare!)

  2. im sorry honey! i get like that some times too!

  3. Oh Tasha-I get like this too. You just feel blah, like nothing makes you smile. It sicks, but it'll pass. They always do. Try doing something for you if you have time...a bubble bath, a walk, a manicure, maybe just a drive. Let me know if I can help!