November 4, 2006

day 4~BUSY

What a busy day I had today. It all started yesterday actually, when my future MIL called me at work to tell me my future SIL was in the hospital. I will respect her privacy and just say that she is fine now, but wow what a scare. We went to visit her in the hospital today and that was a small joke. Taking both the girls to a small hospital room for a nice quiet visit. Instead we had the opposite which would be a very loud and running around chasing the baby who was tugging on all the wires and tubes she could find kind of visit. We had to cut our visit short because Alanna would not leave the person in the bed next door alone and we also had a birthday party to go to. Chris's nephew, well I guess he is my nephew to turned 1 on the 1st of Novemebr.
Remember this little guy?

And this

Well he is 1 now

So we headed over to his birthday party and had some cake and ice cream. You want to talk about the presents this kid got...lets just say that he is done for birthdays until he is like 10 years old. but I guess that the life of being one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID DRAKE!

Love "Aunt" Tasha

PS, David is now walking. We tried to show Alanna how its done. I guess we will have to wait and see if she learned anything tonight


  1. sweet pics Tasha!!!!
    I hope your SIL stays healthy!

  2. Hope your future sister in law is okay. Love the pics....Alanna, busy in a hospital room?? Noooo....