November 5, 2006

Day 5~real food

I have been having trouble with Alanna eating foods other than baby food. Anything that had lumps or a different texture she would not let touch her mouth without her gagging amd throwing up. Even the gerber puffs that are suppose to dissolve instantly in the mouth she would choke on. Well yesterday at the birthday party she ate some mac and cheese and some green beans. I am so proud of my little lumpy food eater.


  1. Ugh. I wish I had her problem. Maybe then I could lose weight! Glad to hear that she's starting to eat though!

  2. Lumpy food is good. Next comes crispy and crunchy food ....

    I came by because your blog name is so close to mine I had to take a peek.

  3. Awww.. my little boy is a lazy eater too, until recently all his food had to pureed to death! What I did was mixed lumpier food in with a very smooth food like mashed potatoes. Or add food that I know he LOVES (like cheese) to keep him opening his mouth..

  4. Real food is such a pain. My girl would only eat avocados for the first few months of our real food experiment until the terrible day I gave her the tiniest piece of chicken and she nearly choked to death. Now she's a terror on the real food and will eat (and not choke on) anything she can get her hands on....including cat food.