November 6, 2006

Day 6~confessions

Remeber on Friday when I was complaining about being a little down. well I have a secret to confess. I've actually confessed this before in my 100 things but in case you didn't take the time to read it I will confess it again. I have a mild case of depression and used to take a medication called paxil. When I got pregnant with Alanna my doctor and I decided to see how I could handle things being weaned off of it. I have been off my medication for almost 15 months now. I have had my ups and downs. Chris thinks that I should talk to the doctor about getting back on. I hate the fact that I would have to take medicine every day for the rest of my life inorder to control my feelings. I don;t know if this is my depression getting the better of me or if I am just being a little down with the change in the season and everything that has been going on. Maybe I will wait a few months to see how I am feeling. At least I have a great man to stand by me with all the love and support I need. Thanks Chris, I love you.


  1. NO dont get back on it... I have something for you to try first... email me about it and I will tell yah :)

  2. I think depression is something a lot of people just don't speak about, and I think that's sad. Good luck.