November 7, 2006

day 7~potluck

Well its already happening. Day # 7 of blogging everyday and I have run out of things to say. Today we are going to touch on every topic possible and see where is takes us. Bullet style

  • Alanna is still not walking, but I am not worried she will be there soon enough.
  • Hannah is going awesome in school....I swear she is a sponge. She read an entire book yesterday and only needed help with 3 words...3 thats it.
  • Chris finally is gathering a guest list of his friends for the wedding. I have only been asking for 3 months, but hey its almost done
  • Speaking of the wedding. Plans are coming along just fine. My biggest problem is deciding if I should assign seating or free for all at the reception
  • work is work...blah blah blah
  • The house is coming along nicely. Of course the master bedroom is lacking style but thats usually the last room to get done anyways. I need to paint, but have been so busy doing nothing it seems.

Thats seems to be my life in a short summary. Hopefully I'll have more tomorrow, any suggestions?

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  1. Topic Suggestion: What was the worst day you can remember when you were in grade school, and why?