December 20, 2006

I made more blankets. Here is a picture of Alanna's. When I took hers to work to show my friends how crafty I was my supervior and my assistant supervisor offered to pay me to make them blankets to give as gifts. So I had to make 3 more. I made another strawberry shortcake like here and then one with butterflies in dark purple and light purple. I still have to finish the 3rd but that one is a plum purple with the same light purple on the bottom....its like blanket crazy over here. Oh and with the extra fabric I made myself a headband . So crafty.

PS thanks to all who wished me well. Slowly I am feeling better. The blanket making helps me kinda forget the pain. Just kinda though


  1. awesome job tasha!!!
    I want to go get some fabric and make blanekts now :)

  2. Anonymous12/20/2006

    Go Tasha Go! Please excuse my enthusiasm but I think you should consider my advice and start a family business...make blankets!We want some more here in Romania too...

  3. I just checked out the blankets...you rock!! I love 'em! And thanks for making me famous on your flickr....