February 7, 2007

Monkey see, Monkey do

Alanna always is trying to be like her big sister and tonight was no different. After we got home I did the usual routine. Get the girls their baths, pj's, unpack Hannah's book bag, go over her day and get things ready for the next day to begin. During this time Alanna was on the floor playing and she brings Hannah's snow boots to me and sits down and tries to put them on. Once I did she was stuck. The boots were to heavy to move her feet. It was funny until she fell on her butt and started kicking her feet. Maybe next time she will think about trying to steel her big sister's snow boots.


  1. I love the matching passy too!! Boots are pretty heavy for such little legs. Ha Ha. Cute picture!

    Those comments WERE rude. I cannot believe people are SO mean.

  2. Alanna is so precious...she is stuck like a dool!

  3. So cute! She is growing up SO FAST. I remember when I found your blog, she was just a baby, and now look? She looks so much like Chris here.

  4. She even got the boots on the right feet! What a cutie patooty. Love the paci!