May 14, 2007

Hope every ones mother's day was the best. Hannah made me an ornament with her picture and lots of letters that said I love mom dad Alanna on them. Oh and I got a coupon book of chores to make her do. Those are always nice when she is making me mad I can whip them out and make her do things. As for my big gift Chris says its on "order". I have no idea what it is, but he says its something I want...That could be a million and 1 things so who knows. He tries though so its the thought that counts. My day other than the presents was pretty normal. I cleaned the house and went grocery shopping. I guess we are still recovering from the flu. It was a nasty bug.

This Friday is Hannah's birthday. I can not get over that my baby will be 7. Can you believe that...7???
When Hannah was born I was only 18, but I cared for her like any other mommy of her 1st born. She still brings tears to my eyes. Hannah and I will always have this emotional bond that we share. Her being the oldest, the 1st, and yet still my baby. Don't get me wrong, me and Alanna share our moments and she has special things that I love her for, but with Hannah its the 1st child syndrome. She can being me to tears in less than 20 seconds for being sweet, learning something new or just being herself. I look at her everyday and thank God I have not screwed up her life to bad. Sometimes when she sleeps I watch her and cry all over again like I did the 1st night I brought her home and we shared the 1st midnight feeding together. I love her and still can't believe my baby will be 7 in less than a week.
Well, now that I got tears going down my face its time to tuck the youngins into bed and have a peaceful night with my new hubby. Heroes is on in less than an hour...


  1. Ohhhh! Happy Mother's Day! I'm glad you had a good day and that you all are feeling better!

  2. Awwww.. how sweet! I hope Hannah has a wonderful birthday!

  3. Glad you have all recovered!! And that you had a good Mommy's day - can't wait to hear what is on order!! Can't he just go ahead and tell you??? ha!