June 14, 2007

Now the the wedding is over things have finally started to settle down with the exception of the air conditioner. School is out and the girls are settleing in with the new nanny. She is working out great and I have few complaints if any at all.
Chris and I have talked about having another baby. Somedays are better than others. On the good days we are all for it, but the next day Alanna will throw a massive meltdown temper tantrum and we begin to wonder what we were thinking about adding another member to this crazy family.
Still the thought is always in my mind. The thoughts come more when I read about people being pregnant.
I know in time it will happen. We really aren't to the point of actual planning, we are just seeing where things take us, but I still get disapointed when I found that I am not pregnant yet. Hannah keeps telling me that when her brother is born she will teach him how to play ball and that she will help paint his room green. For some reason she thinks the room will be green and that the next baby will be a boy.


  1. Have you asked what would happen if she had another sister? ha!

  2. I liked growing up in a large family, but it is a different story being the mom of a large family. Much harder! Still I love to see how the kids play together and how they always have each other and love each other.

  3. You know... they get bigger and less tantrum-y after a while. Or so I hear. If it's not the right time quite yet, maybe it will be soon.

  4. You sound like me and my hubbie. We are *thinking* about another baby, but then the next minute we are like what were we thinking.

    Good luck to you in your decision.