August 7, 2007

Four Peas Contest

If you noticed, I took a break from all the summer contests for about a week or so because I was starting to feel like a loser not winning anything. But Drea has this awesome contest going on right now that is too cute to pass up. She is giving away a toddler backpack from Four Peas, that would be perfect for Alanna. With Alanna almost 2 now, I know can you believe it?, carring a huge diaper bag is starting to get old. When we head out, really all we need now is a sippy cup, 1 or 2 diapers, and some wipes. This adorable backpack would look so cute on her, and then free up my hands so I have more time to run after her and not worry about bumping other people with a huge overflowing diaperbag. My favorite is this green and pink flower bag, but Four peas has several other styles. Go over and check them out and see what other neat stuff they have to offer.

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