August 3, 2007

fun day

I played hookie from work yesterday and took the girls for a fun day out. My neighbor has a daughter Hannah's age and then an older daughter who is 15. My neighbor and I get a long really great and decided to take all the kids to McDonalds to play..We enjoyed lunch, and I surprised myself while we were there...I am a big fan of the Big Mac, but I stuck to my points and only got a hamburger happy meal with a diet coke. I still came in under my points for the entire day..I have never been this motivated before and I feel really good about it. next we took all the girls to the library. Now here is where I admit I am a horrible mother and have never taken my girls to the library before...Hannah had a great time, she picked out 2 books. Amelia Bedilia, and Junie B Jones (thanks Lindz for the help). Remember Amelia Bedilia? I read her as a kid and its so sweet to see Hannah interested in her now. The Junie B Jones bools was recommend last year my Lindsey and I had to call her to remember the book titles...if you have young school aged kids theses books are great, they are written the same way Hannah talks like a 6 or 7 year old is writing the story, Hannah read the 1st 20 pages while we were in the library. I am so proud. I picked the 1st harry potter book, because I am finally ready to see what all the fuss is about. Please don't hurt me for never reading a HP book or watching the movie. We finished the day off with a soak in the pool. After all the kids were in bed, my neighbor and I went back in the pool and exercised for about an hour and a half.wow, it felt so good. All in all I had a great day spending time with my girls just having fun. Not having to worry about cleaning the house or running errands. I just wish we could enjoy more days like that.


  1. Fun! I love reading the Junie B. Jones series ~ the kids think it's just hilarious, and it is!

    I have heard that the Harry Potter books are great to listen to on tape. I haven't read any of the books but I have watched the movies.

  2. That's an awesome day!! I'm sure the girls had a blast too. Congrats on staying on track at McD's. That's hard to do!!!