August 1, 2007


With week #2 coming to an end, we had weigh in today for weight watchers. I lost 4 pounds putting me at a total loss so far of 5.2 pounds in 2 weeks. I find myself really enjoying the program. I think really hard before I put something in my mouth and I write everything down. If I know I want to enjoy some pizza or something like that for dinner, I really watch my points. I even did a little exercise last week, which wasn't to bad. I have a secret. Its been YEARS since I exercised, maybe even since high school. With the weight loss of 5 pounds, I get to readjust my points. I lose 1, but thats okay, I can do it...bring on week 3.


  1. 4 POUNDS!!! Wow that is AWESOME Tasha! Are you on the Flex or the Core plan? I am on the Flex... there is no way I could do the Core, I am not much of a veggie eater! Keep up the great work... and thanks for your encouragement once again!