August 14, 2007

Night #1

Last week, the baby sitter told me how Alanna was climbing in and out of her crib. I hadn't lowered the mattress in awhile so Chris and I did just that and didn't think much of it. On Saturday my mom watched the girls so Chris and I could have a date night (which I will post about later, because I have pictures, oh boy do I have pictures) and she told me that Alanna climbed in her crib again. So sunday afternoon Chris and I talked about putting Alanna in a toddler bed. her crib turns into a bed, so it was no big deal. I tookoff one of the rails and showed Alanna how to climb in. She instantly loved it and clombed right in and began snoring (her new favorite thing to do). Alanna is only 21 months old. I find it so hard to believe my little monkey is in a real bed now. Sunday night we walked her to bed, with every stuffed animal she owns in her arms. she placed each animal in its place and then crawled into bed. We covered her up and kissed her good night and that was it, so I thought

About an hour later I checked on her and she was crying in bed. well more like hiccup sobbing. You know how you get after a good, long, hard cry. I sat next to her and rubbed her back and kept asking her what happened and that she was okay now because mommy was there. She calmed down and I went to grab some extra pillows to put on the floor next to her bed. She pointed and smiled, so I think she might have fallen asleep and then rolled out of bed, but afraid to leave her room. I checked on her ecery 20 monutes after that and she was sound asleep the rest of the night.

The next morning I woke to hear her over the monitor playing in her room. Then I heard her knocking on her closed bedroom door, saying momma. It was the sweetest sound ever. I went to get her and she crawled into my arms and gave me kisses like she had missed me forever.

Night #1 completed.


  1. Awww...sweet! She's becoming a big girl now!

  2. Oh so cute!! I can just picture her doing that!! What a sweetie!