August 9, 2007

vocab 101

Alanna is growing so much, everyday I feel my baby slipping away and she is replaced with this toddler who runs, screams and climbs everywhere. I have been a little worried about her vocabulary lately though. She says her words: mama, dada, nana (hannah), grrrrma (grandma), papa, pop, kitty, all the animal sounds, milk, more, bath, bye, hi, books, boat, and some more, but that seems to have been it for a while now. When I try to get her to say other words, her pronunciation is a little off, and sometimes it sounds like she isn't even trying. Its a little hard to explain... I don't feel as if its anything to major to worry about right now, so I'm not rushing to the dr today, but something I may ask the dr next time we go, like in 4 months for her 2nd birthday.

Yesterday the girls and I were outside playing and Hannah wanted to go swimming in the little pool we have for the girls in the yard. I told her okay and since she already had her bathing suit on, she climbed right in. Monkey see, Monkey do around our house, Alanna wanted to do the same thing. Except Alanna had on a normal diaper and I told her to come in the house with me to change her so she could go swimming too. Alanna looked right at me and plain as day told me "no". I was shocked. Alanna has always agreed with me and I have never herad her say no before. Alanna is more of a head shaker. I told her again...LaLa, I called her, lets go in and get a swimmy diaper so you can go swimming with sissy. Again Alanna looked right at me and said "no mama".
I wasn't sure if I should be mad at my almost 21 month old for telling me no, or proud that she is finally speaking another word.


  1. She's growing up! And you're right...way to fast! Even though she's telling you no, I bet her "No mama" was cute.

  2. On one hand, you could see the positive side that is communicating what she wants! ha!
    She's so cute, I bet it's hard to be too upset with her!

  3. I can NOT believe she is almost 2... Man, I have known you for well over a year