August 22, 2007

weigh in wednesday

Well its Wednesday again and that means its time for weigh in wednesday. This week I am proud to announce that yes I did in fact get on the treadmill. It does not matter however, that it was only last night and I could only handle 10 mintues of running and was completly ready to drop afterwards...All that matters is I completed my goal of getting on the treadmil, yay me! i will try to keep up with the treadmil, at least a couple of times a week and hopefully for more than 10 mintues at a time. Oh, I almost forgot I lost 1.6 pounds which is a total of 10.2 pounds in 5 weeks. I feel so proud.


  1. PREGO TAMMY8/22/2007

    that is soooo awesome!

  2. Congrats Tasha!!! 10 minutes of running is AWESOME!! And so is 10.2 pounds. Keep up the good work! Are you noticing a change in how your clothes fit yet?

  3. Wow! That is AWESOME!!! Go Tasha!!!!

  4. Great job... keep it up! One little step at a time...

  5. Oh Tashie, I am soooo very proud of you!
    You have inspired me to do WW and I love you for it!

    it is the best diet I have EVER been on!

    Keep up the good work


  6. i can't ran a mile... but what i'm doing in hitting the HS track and i've been doing 45 minutes walking. i even have a 'walking' playlist on my iPod and that works fine!!! I'm right behing you tashi... i've lost 5lbs! :) i'll update tonite :)
    btw, thanks so much for the awars! You're always so sweet!!