August 23, 2007

Nice matter

One of my BEST blogging buddies gave me this special award. I feel so honored that she would have such nice things to say about me. Some people say that the blogging world is just like high school and full of clicks, but I have never come across a person like that. Everyone that I have met, has made a special place in my heart. In return I would like to present this award to LindSEY, LindSAY, Lori, Noe, Drea, Jennefer and Melissa.

*If I missed anyone, I am sorry. I am at work posting and have a very short time to do so. So if I did in fact miss you, consider yourself an awardee of this Nice Matter's Award too.


  1. Thanks so much for giving me this award! You are so thoughtful!

    I agree with you. If the blogging world is just like high school I am certainly missing something. Like the prom and stuff. Just kidding. I know what you meant. I hope we adults are much more mature than all that and above all the clique stuff.

  2. You know I gave you this award too! You are so deserving!!!

  3. Thanks for the award:)I gave it back to you and all my friends who have encouraged me through my weight loss struggle... Thanks again!

  4. awe.. thank you!!! I want to add it to my site but my computer is lagging so bad I cant save anything. can you email it to me dreawd[at]gmail[dot]com
    thanks girlie!