September 18, 2007


Lindsay just came up with a brilliant idea for moms and dads. She has started this blog called mamavice, where moms and dads can go and email and ask for advice or leave advice for others mom, so its always there if at 3am you need some.

I can't even began to tell you how many times I could have used this in the last 22 months or even when Hannah was a baby. I highly encourage everyone to check it out and if you have a question ask!

Thanks Lindsay for being so brilliant, where would be without you?
There is also a really cute picture link, I will get mine up as soon as I find some time.


  1. i love having u in my life!!!! you never fail to make me feel like a super star!!!
    love you!

  2. That Lindsay is pretty awesome! Great idea!! Hopefully sometime in the next year or so, I will NEED it! ha!