September 17, 2007

Ugh, I am finally done with training at work. Training a new employee is so exhausting and takes all my patience and throws them out the window..

Basically we had a normal weekend here. Saturday me and my brothers girlfriend Tammy took the girls and Tammys little sister Jade who is 3 to a Princess Party at our local library. It was really sweet. Princess attire welcomed, so the girls wore crowns and necklaces...Alanna and Jade had on bracelts too. The fairy godmother was there and she read fairy books. The girls had apple jiuce and cookies and got to decorate a crown with jewels and then a pink castle picture frame. They took pictures of the girls with the fairy godmother too...of course I forgot my camera, so I have to wait until Tuesday to pick up the picture from the library..Hannah didn't have to much fun, I think she was a litttle old, but over all it was a fun morning.

I really busted on ww this weekend. Chris, me, the girls and my MIL went to Red Lobster, a sea food resturant, and I had some chicken, veggies and a potatoe..of course the chicken had stuff on it, the potatoe had butter and sour cream and then I had a salad with ranch...Did I mention the banana cheese cake? It was all sooo good. But I am back on track with just a moment of lapse for some sweet, yummy food.

Chris' brothers wife, I guess that would make her my sister in law, is due any day now with my nephew..he better get here quick because his Aunt Tasha is about to explode with excitment..Chris and I made a special surprise for them, but I can't tell you yet, because Lisa reads this, so as soon as Matthew gets here, I'll let you know...Oh the suspense!

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  1. Oh! I can't wait to see the picture!!! You know I'm working on my Masters to be a librarian, sot that is right up my alley!