September 13, 2007

ww and more..

Okay everone, yesterday was weigh in wednesday and I lost another 2.4 pounds which puts my total at 15.2 pounds. I am starting to see the weight loss, in my face and also in the cough...bra...cough, area. Some of my pants are getting loose on me, but here is my being fat sceret #1 I am exposing..My way of thinking was that if I bought my pants a little to big, then I wouldn't feel as big as I was before, because they wouldn't be tight. So my pants have always been a little to big...However they are bigger now. this is really keeping me motivated...I am the biggest LOSER in the class and thats one loser I am proud to be!

Last night Chris and I took Alanna to the emergency room. its started about 7:30 last night. She was really whiny (sp?) and just couldn't get comfortable. She would want to be held and then cry and then get down and then cry some more. At 8:00 she seemed to be a little better and at least smiling when we put her to bed. About 10:00 she woke up crying, which is so unlike her and then all of a sudden this loud, blood curdleing scream came and she would not stop. it really freaked me out. I tried holding her, rocking her, bouncy her and nothing would remotley calm her down. Finally Chris and I decided to take her to the ER because nothign else was open. Well Alanna has her 1st earache of the season...In BOTH ears. They gave her some numbing drops for her ears and some tylenol for her fever. She got an antibotic (sp?) too. This morning she seemed a little better, but she still looked sick. She still has a fever, but she has her Aunt Tammy and thats a good thing. This is one of the reasons I hate working so much. Nothing is more important than my girls, but I do have to pay some bills, so I had to leave her. I am sad, but Aunt Tammy has the phone near by so I can call every hour oin the hour to check on my baby.


  1. Way to go Tashi!!! I'm the opposite of you, my pants are smaller than my normal size. I'm fitting in my size 12 jeans again. still tight, but we're getting there!
    Keep going!!! (BTW, did you take a pic of you when you started WW? It's very rewarding to see what willingness can do)
    Have a great day!!!!

  2. Wow you are kicking some serious weight watchers butt!
    Good luck with the baby making! That is so exciting!

  3. At least she has her aunt ~ that's better than some random daycare worker! :-)

    CONGRATS with the weigh in! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  4. Poor baby!! I hope she is feeling better soon. You will be able to snuggle with her on the weekend:)