September 11, 2007

another "sorry" post

I know by now you all are probably tired of hearing about my mamma drama, but I just can't help myself. We talked with my mom and step dad last night on the web cam. The girls were so cute! Alanna would not stop blowing kisses and Hannah had to wave RIGHT in front of the camera at least 30 times. It was so nice to see them, there still needs some tweaking because they could not hear us, we had to use out phones, but I can't wait until next time.

Tomorrow is weight in, I am so excited for this. I really felt lost without the meeting last week. Hopefully I will have some good news for you!

Sorry for the lack of posting too. I've been training a new gal at work and thats where I do most of my blogging. Its hard to get online when I am supposed to be pretending to work, haha.

My new baby nephew Matthew should be here soon. My sister in law is dialated to 2cm and 50% thinned out..her due date is 2 weeks from today, any guesses?

Have I told you that Chris and I are tiring for another baby? Well we are, yay! There are so many bloggers out there and people in "real" life that are prego, and I just can't wait to be again!


  1. First - you talk about your momma all you want!!

    It sucks trying to set a good example at work and not getting on-line! ha!

    And...congrats on another baby or congrats on trying?! LOL!

  2. How excited that you are trying... hope it happens quick!!