September 8, 2007

Warning, this is a long one

Well Hannah loves school. What can I say. She came home all excited her 1st day and told me all about the things that happened.

At her school there are certain pieces of the playground that the younger kids can't play on...Well Hannah being the "grown up" she is, is now allowed on all the equipment. She is really happy about that. Her little sister (from her dad) is now in kindergarten and they are going to the same school. Hannah is happy she gets to see her little sister all the time now.

Hannah's teacher sounds really great too. Hannah said she is really nice and listens to her when she talks. I've asked around and everyone who knows her said she is really great I can't wait to really get into this school year, to see how Hannah enjoys it. Its nice to be getting back into a routine.

On to another note. Chris and I had to give our nanny her 2 week notice today. Things have not been working out for a while, but she really set Chris off yesterday. We don't ask for much, but what we do ask for we would like it..such as taking Alanna outside to play. Chris said multiple times he has come home or woken up and all Alanna is doing is watching TV. Now of course we feel some TV is okay, but Chris says he never sees Alanna outside or any sign of outside play.

Another thing is she has been calling off on us a lot lately causing us to scramble for a back up. Or she sends over her friend that lives with her or her mom. Yesterdays incident happened like this: I left for work and Alanna started to cry. Chris was in bed and he said about 30 minutes later Alanna was STILL crying. He went into the living room and the nanny was just standing there looking at Alanna screaming. Chris asked what was going on...She said Alanna was crying for me and that she didn't know what to do. Chris said that he told her if she doesn't know what to do with Alanna then there is a problem. Well about 20 minutes later the nanny calls me and tells me she is sick and her mom is gonna come over and watch Alanna. (I don't know her mom). Chris calls me like 10 minutes later and said that when he got out of the shower there was a strange lady in our house and when he asked her who she was, she said she was the nanny's mom and that she went home upset, because Chris yelled at her. Chris told me he did not yell at her and her mother was very rude about it. So when I got home from work, Chris and I talked about it and he said he would feel better if we found someone new.

Don't worry though, we already found someone. My brothers girlfriend was laid off from her job and who is gonna hire a 6 months pregnant woman? Well we do. The girls know her, and she is great with kids. If its not permanent, she said she would at least do it until we found someone else. She also said she has no problem watching our girls after my niece is born, as long as she can have a couple of weeks off after the baby is born. Chris is cool with that and so am I. It actually works out really well, because the girls will get to see their baby cousin everyday and I will see my new little niece. I have all the confidence in the world that we did the right thing...

Thursday night we all gathered at my house to spend some time with my mom before she left. It was fun. My brother and I both cried, but we are slowly realizing that the worked has not stopped and she will still be here for us whether she is around the corner or several states away. My mom set off for Florida early Friday morning. I watched as she drove away and surprisingly, I did not cry. I did tear up a little, but I'm okay. I talked to her 3 times Friday and already once today. She stayed in N. Carolina last night (where my grandma lives) and headed off again early this morning. She will probably reach her new house sometime this evening..Maybe even earlier than that. I miss her, but I know she is happy, and thats what early matters. I still may cry sometimes because I will miss her until I see her again in November, and thats okay. We are gonna set up the web cam this weekend and we have a "date" Monday night at 7:30 to see each other. I can't wait.


  1. So glad to hear the first day of school was a success. I hope the rest of the year continues to go as well for Hannah.

    It sounds like you made the right decision about the Nanny, and I'm so glad you're mom is safely on her way to Florida. You may find that your relationship even becomes closer because now you will put more effort into making sure you have your "dates" on the web cam, etc. Sometimes we tend to take those close to us for granted. I know that is true with me and my own Mom, who is just about 30 minutes away.

  2. Hannah is too cute in that picture! I love first day of school pics!! (It's no wonder I'm a teacher! ha!) Glad all is well there!

    Great idea with the web cam & your mom! I wouldn't have thought of that!

    You made the right choice with the nanny...I don't think you will regret that one for one second.

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. First off Hannah is so cute ready for school! Glad she enjoys it.

    Sorry to hear about your nanny troubles again. You have had the worst luck! I'm sure your husband didn't yell at her. Anyway, glad that it all worked out... sounds like for the better anyway!

  4. I'm glad you are okay with your mom leaving, and the cam sounds like a great idea! SOrry about the nanny thing. That's pretty ridiculus that a nanny says she didn't know what to do with Alanna was crying. NO excuses! I will call you this evening...we just got a P U P P Y and she's taking up all my time. ALL OF IT. I might as well just had a baby!