October 12, 2007

If it not one thing its another..

I would like to thank everyone for their advice. It really helped alot. I did chicken out a little about talking to my stepmom because I didn't want to start an argument. So I called my dad and talked to him. He agrees with my brother and I and said he would try to talk to my stepmom this weekend. He said that he actually thought the feud was calming down and then my Aunt went and hired my older sister to work with her and my sister was part of the feud and blah blah blah...thats a whole nother post, LOL. So my dad agreed to tell my stepmom that my brother and I would be very upset with her if she didn't come and that he would stress to her the importance of putting aside the differences for a few hours.
Oh and thanks to everyone who admitted this was their family too...even though you know everyone has drama, its still nice to know you are not alone, hehe.

This weekend Chris and I are taking the girls to the apple orchard, I sure hope we have a good time. Hannah has been having problems lately with her attitude, and mouth and brain. Her brain doesn't seem to be telling her mouth to slow down and think about what she is saying before she says it...Makes her have a really bad attitude when her brain is sleeping on the job LOL....
It seems lately no matter what Chris or I tell her she has something to say about it. I tell her to pick up her toys, she makes an excuse for them being out, I tell her to finish eating, she makes an excuse for eating slow...
Both the girls had a flu shot yesterday and we got out a little late for me to cook dinner. We hadn't eatin fast food in a long time so I thought I would treat the girls. I ordered food for ALL of us, but for some reason Hannah thought I didn't get her anything (why? I have no idea), so when we got home I told her to eat and then start on her homework. She pulled out her homework and was crying..I asked her what was wrong..She actually looked at me and said, "You just want me to starve and do my homework, huh?" I had no idea what she was talking about since I had put her burger and fries right in front of her at the table..I blinked a couple of times and just started at her. I told her that what I had said was to EAT and THEN do her HOMEWORK. She said but you didn't order me any food. I asked her why she thought I had not ordered her any food because when we were at the drive through I asked her what she wanted...She said she didn't know and started crying some more. Sometimes I wonder what is going through this child's head. This situation was not that bad with her attitude, but its always something. Its not always what she says, but how she says it. Is this normal behavior for a 7 year old...If so I am in BIG trouble in about 8 years. HELP!


  1. Hee-hee! Problems with her mouth and brain and attitude! I love it! Well...I have 2nd and 3rd grade both & I can tell you that the drama is about to start! :-) The girls are the worst about drama over little things. (but then some of us don't outgrow it! ha!) Good luck - hope you are attitude free at the apple orchard!

  2. Yes, that's normal. Lori is right. It's the age and you'll both get through it just fine:)

  3. Yes, I agree. My daughter is 11 and I can only say BUCKLE YOUR SEAT BELT AND HANG ON FOR THE RIDE, the drama is just beginning!