October 1, 2007

I've got the blues

The last couple of days have been pretty hard for me. I know that I've mentioned that Chris and I are trying for another child. Well, we are and its taking a little longer than we thought. Its only been maybe 2 or 3 months of trying, but when you've never had to try before it can be frusterating. Let me explain...I was 18 when I got prego with Hannah and not exactly in the lets have a baby frame of mind. I did and its been great but rough. Then with Alanna, Chris I were together, yes, but not ready to be married and not planning on adding to our already crazy lives. Well I got pregnant and here comes Alanna. Now we are married and stable, we have our home and ready to add to it. I don't really know how long it has taken me to get pregnant or if I ever had any problems because we have never exactly planned before...See?
My body is on a very regular schedule and has never been off. This past week I was late..about 7 days late, we got excited. Then when I least expected, I started my period. It was pretty hard to realize that again this month I am still not pregnant. I know it is still early but holding my new nephew on Friday made it all more real, and I'm still waiting for my little neice to get here in Novemeber. I know when the right time comes, Chris and I will have another baby, but for now my heart still hurts. hearing about everyone on the internet and in real life announcing their news pains just a little more. I am excited for everyone don't get me wrong, I just can't wait for my day to come...

With being a little blue over the weekend, I think I might have ate a little too much...I guess we will see on Wednesday...wish me luck and weight loss!


  1. I have no words of wisdom for you here b/c I have never tried to get pregnant. I worry that I've been on birth control all these years and then when I WANT to get pregnant I won't be able to...so I see where you are coming from on that. I would try not to get upset or stressed about it b/c I've heard that once you STOP stressing over it, wham! It happens!

    Just keep practicing ~ hee hee!

  2. Oh Honey... it will happen!
    Also, maybe try the ovulation stripes so you know the exact day to work on making that baby!
    Good Luck!
    WW too

  3. It was like that for us and boy was I on a mission! We were like rabbits and then I said to hubby, let's just chill and not have this be our part-time job. So I decided to start going to the gym to work off my anxiety and frustration and in tyhe process I lost 20lbs mainly in my fallopian tubes apparently and with in a month I was preggers!

    Now we are thinking of having another as well. Good luck!


  4. It will happen, Tasha. I know it will. In the meantime, have fun trying! :)

  5. Your time WILL come Tasha. Just wait. Before you know it you'll have another little bundle of screaming joy!! It's okay too to have the blues....just know they won't last long and you will get through it.