October 9, 2007


~The weather here in Michigan is always so messed up. Its kind of a running joke that if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute and it will change. This month we are having unseasonable warm weather. Over the weekend it was in the 80s and yesterday it hit about 91 depending on your area, I do believe that it was a record too. The normal temp for this time if year is 65. Today the weather is suppose to be in the low 70s. Thats a 20 degree difference over night. Tomorrow it gets even better and the temp is supposed to be in the 60s...In a matter of 2 days we go from sweating, hot, humid, almost unbearable weather with the air conditioner on to jeans, sweatshirts, turn the heat on weather...Crazy.

~Hannah finally decided on a halloween costume. She had me worried this year. She could not make up her mind to save the end of the world. I took her to a halloween store, that a friend worked at and she walked around the entire store, saying what about this? and maybe I'll be this, but in the end she picked something out. I am proud of her. Sorry I can't tell you though, you have to wait until Halloween....Alanna was easy. She is using the costume Hannah wore when she was about this age...Its super cute, but you have to wait for that too.

~Has anyone ever had any problems with paypal? Last April Chris was selling some things on ebay, and we have never sold anything before. 2 out of like 20 items were damaged during shipping, and even though the buyer opted out of the shipping insurance they argued. Paypal then put a hold on our account and said that we were a risked at selling items because 2 were damgaed. We already refunded the buyers there money, but paypal still held placed a 180 day hold on our account and we have had to wait 6 months to get the money that was ours. Paypal is stating that anytime we sell anything, they will place the hold on the account to varify if there are any problems...I kinda got into it with the paypal rep last night because today is our 180 th day and they said they have to review the account again...For what? So anyways long sotry short, we should be getting that money soon. So are we the only ones who have problems? I'm thinking about closing the account.

~My brother and his girlfiend are having their baby shower in 2 weeks. I have been really busy trying to get everything together. I ordered the cake frm my other brother today...I can't wait to see it, its gonna be so cute. Polka dots, that the decotations on the cake he is gonna do. My neice Kylee should be here in about 6 weeks, I can't wait to hold her..I'm already in love.

~Babt Matthew is doing great. I just seen him last night. Him and mommy were taking a walk and I seen them as I was coming home. He is as sweet as sweet can be. I love him too.

~Our baby planning is still ongoing..We have been "practicing", Thanks to everyone for their sweet comments and encourage thoughts.

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  1. Wow - you covered alot there! ha!
    You could've given us a hint at least on the Halloween costumes! LOL!

    And the weather here in Arkansas has been crazy too...it's October and still 90 degrees - I am ready for fall already!!

    As for paypal I have no experience, but that would've ticked me off!!

    Oh...and happy *practicing*! hee-hee!