October 24, 2007

ww and marriage

Week in Wednesday for week 2 of session 2. I lost .6 pounds. I am happy with this. Its over a half a pound and its much better than the pound I gained last week, so I will take it. Its been pretty hard getting back on track latley. I just want to eat all the foods I have not eaten since July and I have been weak and giving in, with telling myself that losing 21 pounds its okay to cheat, but then cheating turns into an all day event. I vow to get back on track, because now I have a date to work towards.
My grandma, yes G.R.A.N.D.M.A is getting married. My grandpa passed away about 2 years ago and my grandma moved to North Carolina with my Uncle and Aunt. Since then my grandma has been friends with a man, and they started dating. She has only been dating for 3-4 weeks and they decided to get married. The original date was in September but they don't want to wait so they moved the date to May or June. Now at least I have a goal in mind...Thats almost a year from my start date of ww. Lets see how I can do...


  1. Congrats all around! Way to go to you AND to GRANDMA!

  2. You can do it. I have gotten off track too, and you're right it's so HARD to get back on, but you can do it!!