October 22, 2007


Well the baby shower was a success. I was so TIRED by the end of the day, I could hardly move. Tammy and Kyle got so many GREAT things, it took her like an hour or more to open all the presents. If you want to see all the boring details click here. (If not really thats okay, I put them on flickr for my mom to see.)
I do want to show you the blanket I made for Kylee. (first pic)I also made T shirts. Well Chris and I did. He helped design them. We made some for Matthew too, but I couldn't show the pics until I had given them to Tammy at her baby shower. We also made some for Alanna. Its my new favorite thing to do, besides the blankets. We have the Gators shirt. We found the logo and ironed it on, my mom found the booties in Florida and sent them to me to surprise my brother (He is a HUGE Gators fan), Gobble Gobble for Thanksgiving ( both babies and Alanna), I'm 2 (Alanna) and then Boo for Matthew and Alanna. On the right we have the bottom of the Gators on the butt, and then shirts for Kylee. Matthew got some personalized ones too. His last name is Beach, so we had Son of a BEACH and also BEACH BUM, (they were cute, but I forgot the pics). Oh what would be complete with out showing the cake and the letters her momma made her. We founbd these at Joann Fabrics for .99 cents plus the paint. Tammy painted and put the polka dots on them...SO CUTE!

I took Alanna to the doctors today. She had an early stage ear infection and was givn an antibiotic and some cough medicine. The doctor wants her to see an ENT doctor for an ear/hearing check up because it seems Alanna has had a pretty busy history of earaches and she wants the fluid checked..Shes thinking maybe tubes. She said this could be causing her slight speech delay, if she has fluid its harder for her to hear and then harder for her to pronounce the words. I'm supposed to make an appt in about a week, once her cold starts to go away. I'll keep you updated.


  1. Those T-shirts are CUTE!! Glad the shower was a success ~ I sent good vibes a few times on Sunday!

    Ear infections must be the thing right now - check out Lindsay's blog - same thing! Hope Alanna's better soon!

  2. They are the cutest things!! And of course that blanket is too. You are such the crafty girl Tasha!!