October 19, 2007

Oh what a week. It has been one crazy thing after another. My brother and his girlfriend (Tammy) are having the baby shower this Sunday. I can't wait to see all the awesome stuff they get. Tammys sister and I have worked really hard on this, I sure hope it all turns out well.
Not having my mom here helping plan all this has been really hard. Usually I run to her with every little thing, and now I have to descrive everything over the phone. What keeps me going is knowing she will be here soon to visit. Hopefully end of November beginning of December. Yup, my mom is leaving the warm comforts of Florida to come remember the cold winters of Michigan. Aren't you excited mom?

Speaking of my mom, I was talking to her last night and she told me something very interesting yet exciting. My grandma, whom I love so much is getting married. The crazy thing about it, is that they have been dating a couple of weeks. But in her defense I guess they have known each other for a little while and are having almost a year engagment. So next September we will be traveling to North Carolina to see a wedding. I am so excited, anyone up for a road trip?

Have I told you that Alanna is sick? She is working on a fever ranging from 100.8 to 101.8. We've been giving her some motrin and trying to help her feel better. Today was the first day her fever broke. She still has a cough and a runny nose, I would like to thank my daughter Hannah for spreading the germs around. I also have come down with the sniffles. so we are a sicky family. A family that snots together stays together. Oh I almost forgot. I asked for some advice at Lindsays new site for moms and dads. Go check it out and tell me what to do!


  1. I'm sure the shower will be great!! Have a good time! And feel better too. Way to go Hannah:)

  2. Hope Alanna feels better soon!!! Can't wait to hear how the shower goes - take pics!

  3. Oh no, I hate sick babies...
    Travis is sick right now also!

    Have a great time at the shower!
    Kiss the girls for me!