November 17, 2007

Day 17, the party

Today was Alanna's birthday party. We had an ice cream social. We had every topping for ice cream you could think of and everyone made their favorite kind. It was a lot of fun. Alanna was so sweet today. When we all sang to her she put her hand up by her mouth and her other hand in her pocket and was shyly giggling...It was so sweet. Don't believe me, check it out. She wasn't to much into opening her presents, because one of the first things she opened was a Dora toy, and then she wanted nothing else to do with any other box or bag we set in front of her. She did check one bag and seen it was clothes and handed it back to me and said no-no. It was funny. Her cake was A.W.E.S.O.M.E as usual. My brother did fantastic. I love it when I can just call up his bakery and tell him the theme and they come up with something that looks like this. Pretty sweet huh?. Baby Kylee came to her first birthday party today. She was a big hit with everyone there of course. My sister Ashlie hadn't seen her yet because when she was born Ashlie was in Florida visiting my mom and her dad. She of course, like me, was absolutely smitten and is now desperately in love...Not that we thought otherwise. Over all it was a great day. We had cake, ice cream and pizza, what more could you ask for at a 2 year old birthday party...Oh, maybe more pictures. Check out all 90 of them here. Ashlie is sort of a picture freak, black and whites, fish eye and regular...Trust me, they are well worth looking at...maybe she should become a blogger.

Because this was too cute not to show!

*Oh and if your wondering why there is only 1 or 2 pictures of Hannah, that is because somewhere down the line my sweet baby turned into an inner unsocial 15 year old and no longer wants us to take pictures of her....*

Oh and see the shirt Alanna is wearing? Thats another Chris and Tasha original.


  1. That last picture is precious! And the cake is AWESOME!! Looks like a fun and successful day!

  2. Oh soooo cute!! Of course the cake rocks. I hate to see the price:) your baby is 2!!!