November 23, 2007

Day 23, the after day

Wow, yesterday I was on pure turkey high. My sister in law and her sister are 2 cooks you could never argue with on Thanksgiving. They put on such a wonderful dinner, that I am still full today. I woke up around 7am and fed the girls breakfast and then fell back to sleep on the couch until 11. Off and on of course because neither of the girls will let me have a full 5 minutes without needing me, but it still felt good to sleep in....kinda! Thanksgiving was so great yesterday. I just hope everyone else had a good dinner too. We had 2 turkeys, a ham, mashed potatoes, 2 sweet potatoes/yams, stuffing, green bean casserole, corn, mac and cheese, ham gravy, turkey gravy, rolls, coleslaw, pasta salad, pumpkin pie, apple cinnamon pie, chocolate cream pie, peanut butter pie, another type of pie and like 2 pumpkin rolls. For appetizers we had veggies and dip, taco dip and spinach dip...Do you think we had enough? Oh and it was Matthew 1st Thanksgiving. I think he enjoyed it just fine.
Last year if you remember Chris and I hit black Friday starting Thanksgiving night at 9:00pm. We sat in line ALL night and was 5th in line. The TV we wanted, the store only at 4, so we were out. This year we decided against it, because there wasn't much we wanted. Instead, and this is a secret so don't tell anyone...We went on ebay. I really wanted a digital camcorder and most of the stores were having sales of $200.00 for the camcorder I wanted. So Chris went online and found my camcorder BRAND NEW, with all the cords, the cd, the travel bag, the base and a 1 gig memory card all for about $100.00. We sat in our warm house, on our nice computer and bid like crazy. Chris is master at getting in the bid at the last second, let me tell you! So instead of freezing our butts off, they were quite toasty, LOL! My camcorder is like an all in 1. Digital Camera, Digital Camcorder, PC camera, Voice recorder, MP3 Player, Memory card reader, and some other things. I am so excited to get it.


  1. Oh wow! Very cool! I avoid the crowds on Black Friday myself - b/c I am always rushing around trying to get the house ready for our family thanksgiving tomorrow...that food list put me in the mood to eat, eat, eat!

  2. I avoid the crowds too....way too crazy!! I remember when you and Chris did that last year!! That camera is awesome! How fast will it be here??

  3. I hope you had a good thanksgiving. :)