November 5, 2007

Day 5, the blanket

When I asked Shleby (my neighbor) what she wanted for her 16th birthday, she said she wanted a blanket like the ones I made my girls. Sure, that was a perfect gift and sooo easy to make. I did take her with me to pick out the fabric because I wanted to make sure she would like it. Shelby's room is in bright pink with white polk a dots and black. We found this fabric by chance and it was PERFECT. Check it out.

This is the first blanket where I didn't match the bottom with the top and it looked awesome. The black on the reverse side looked really good up against the pink and white. Shelaid it in her room after she opened the blanket and it was a perfect match. It looks like she bought it in a set.

My dad called me this weekend, and asked me to make a tree skirt for his tree, like the blankets I make. I've never done that before, but I'm gonna try. I'll keep you updated.


  1. I love the colors!!! And the tree skirt idea is a good one! I made one once, not the tied kind like you are going to make, and the circular shape is very challenging, but you can do it! It will look so cute with the ties around the edge and I bet there are some super cute (I mean MANLY) Christmas fleece prints too. Yay, new project!

  2. Anonymous11/06/2007

    I love the blanket. and that sweet of you to make it for her.

  3. Looks great! girl - you could make some serious extra christmas spending money with the tree skirt idea!