November 9, 2007

Day 9, more Kylee

More Kylee news.
Be prepared to hear a lot more. But for todays post I wanted to explain all about her name.
My brothers name is Kyle Joseph and the last name starts with a B. Kyle wanted all his kids to have his initials. So they had to come up with a name for KJB. They went through many names and then thought Kaylee. Come to find out a nephew that I hardly know, some where on my dads side, named his daughter Kaylee and so my dad would have had a great granddaughter and a granddaughter named Kaylee, so they changed the name to Kylee, which if you think about it, is a perfect name for a girl after her daddy Kyle. Then came the middle name. Tammy's mom passed away a couple of years ago from cancer and her moms name was Joan. So it just worked out good. What a sweet name for such a sweet girl.
I just talked to mommy at the hospital and she said that Kylee is having a hard time eating. Hopefully its nothing and by the end of the day she will be a champ. I'm going to see her after parent teacher conferences this morning, thats why I'm not at work. Then this afternoon Lindsey and I are meeting for lunch. I'll save that for tomorrows post, Day 10.


  1. Today was fun and I hope you get that time visiting with the baby tonight!

  2. I love hearing about people settle on names for their kids...family names are special!