December 20, 2007


Michigan is full of surprises. Escpecially the weather. One day it could be 80 and the next 32 and snowing. Many times I have had the air and the heat on in the same week. Shorts and a winter coat also in the same week...Last weekend we got dumped on by snow, I think in some places it was up to a foot. This morning it was another strange weather condition...Fog and snow. I have never seen fog and snow together before. it was really freaky. The ground was white and so was the air...it was really hard to see driving this morning. In some spots the fog was hanging right above my car and then the snow was on the ground...it looked right out of a sci fi movie or something.

Hows that for not talking about the pregnancy...

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  1. Pretty good! ha!

    I want some snow pics!!! We have gotten NONE!