January 15, 2008

The Alanna post

I've kinda been avoiding blogger today, because I just can't come up with anything to write about. the trend with me lately seems to be complaining and I am trying to stray away from that because this is a happy blog, not a disgruntled postal worker type deal, hehe.

It 5:53 pm and I am still at work. This 2 hour OT is really starting to get to me...opps, there I go complain...it must be second nature.

Lets talk about the progress Alanna has been having since her tube surgery..She is doing great. She has come up with several new words taught to her by her big sister.
It would include:
no, no, no
hide (when we tell her its bed time)
night, night (when we finally pretend to find her)
uh you (love you)
shhhh (when she is watching her dora)
Dago (Diego)
She also said her 1st sentence last week. I was pretending to hide and she comes in the living room and says "I seeeeeee you mommmmmmmeeeeeeeeee" it brought tears to my eyes. Of course she won't say it again for Chris, because thats the evil in her.
Sunday we went out for lunch at our fav resturant Olgas. Chris was trying to talk to Alanna and she kept shaking her head no...she likes her hair flapping in her face. he was telling me how evil Alanna was, when she stopped and did the most evil laugh..it made everyone laugh, even other tables. it was perfect timing.
Alanna works on a new word everyday it seems. I am so happy we decided on the surgery and that she is progressing so well. I've started to work with her on A B C and 1 2 3. Nothing to major, but shes starting to get the concept. We also are working on colors and shapes. I know its never to early to start working on this stuff, but I can't remember when she should be able to say her ABC's or idenify colors...is 2 to early?


  1. Aww.. how cute :) 2 isn't too early, Elliot says most of the alphabet and most of the numbers up to 9, and can identify red and blue (and say yellow and green). He gets really excited when he can spot letters he recognises in books and when we go out..

  2. Awww! Cute! I am so glad the surgery was worth it. And, it's never too early to expose them to ABC's/123's/colors/shapes...go for it!