January 14, 2008

so random

This is gonna be a quick post...I have only like 5 minutes...

This weekend I felt GREAT. I cleaned the house and did laundry..something I haven't done in a couple of weeks because of being so sick. Today is not the greatest day feeling good wise...I have some indigestion that is really upsetting my stomach....But hey a whole week, I will take it!!!

I am 11 weeks today...Only 29 more to go, LOL....

Chris and I babysat my neice Kylee over the weekend. Alanna was so good with her. I do think we will be having some jealousy issue, that I will get into later...:) other than that Alanna and Hannah are little mommies, and they make my heart melt.


  1. Ahhhhhhh how cute!! I'm sure Alanna will be jealous!!

  2. Awww....little mommies! You have to educate me on this baby stuff...how long until you know if it is a boy or girl? Maybe if it's a boy, that will help some with the jealousy?

  3. Hey, imagine that - I'm in my 29th week with 11 weeks to go!