January 17, 2008

do my ose ezzz

Alanna learned a new sentence the other day. "do my ose ezzz" Toddler speaking to adult translation, do my nose, please. its means wipe her nose its runny.
I am really tired today. As you have probably guessed from the above new words, Alanna has a cold. I think its more sinus since she keeps rubbing her nose and then whines..all her snot is clear...Did you need to know that? Probably not, but I thinks its valid to support the sinus theory. Both the girls are very good sleepers. Alanna down at around 8:15, Hannah down around 8:30. They fall asleep right away and sleep all night. Last night Alanna was up most of the night tossing and turning..I think her nose kept getting plugged and she couldn't breathe. I finally put her in bed with me around 4:00 am and she still tossed and turned..Finally around 5am she passed out. Only after she figured out she likes my pillow much better than hers. She laid on my pillow with me and snuggled really close. In seconds she was passed out. I on the other hand, had a foot in my belly, a hand in my throat and hair in my mouth, all from the cute little bundle sleeping next to me with her mouth wide open and snoring. I think I fell asleep around 6:00 only to be woken at 6:15 by the alarm and again at 6:20 by Hannah.... Mom, Mom, she says, Alanna's door is open and shes not there...Bless her heart, she is such a good big sister...however I can only say that now, when I am awake and not this morning at 6:20.


  1. Bless your heart...I wish you MUCHO sleep tonight!

  2. I hope you get some rest!! Without all the body parts and hair on your pillow!!! (that didn't sound good but you know what I mean) Hannah is so sweet to check on her sister!

  3. Girl you are almost out of the sleepy stage of the first half of your pregnancy!
    I hope you get some rest this weekend!
    I presented you with an award on my site!