January 18, 2008

Spreading the l~o~v~e

One of my best blogging buddies Lindsay gave me an award today. She is the most talented mommas I know. I owe my good looks (on the blog of course) to her, hehe.
Sharing and spreading the love especially on the internet is very important, I think. Too many times people will hide behind anonymous comments and really hurt people that they dont even know just because they may have wrote something they disagree with. Sharing this award is something very special. I want to share it with some people, that I feel have spread their love my way..

Aimee at A Day in the Life of (catchy title, dothca think?)

Noe at Noe's Blog ( I think she could really use this right about now!)

and last but certainly not least

Michelle at Fluttering Butterflies, she is awesome.

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  1. congrats girly ~ you deserve it!