February 21, 2008

This shirt rocks!

Alanna got her PollyTod shirt last night. As soon as I opened the package she wanted to put it on. For the rest of the night she sported it. She would look at the pirate head and growl like a pirate..it was so cute. I really am impressed with this shirt..Its not the cheap thin cotton shirt..Its nice and thick and I just know it will stand up against the million if washings its about to get. Alanna is so hard on her clothes. When Hannah was younger, I swear she would wear something and at the end of the day it would look brand new still, not Alanna she has the days foods, crayons and what ever else she has touched on her clothes. If your looking for a nice heavy duty ready to last shirt make sure you check out PollyTod. Don't foget that theres a coupon code too.


  1. I am loving it, I just got on their site to find a t for Travie!

  2. The girls look so happy and precious!!!

  3. What a great photo of your two beautiful girls!