March 17, 2008

Our weekend in review

Today I am 5 months..I will post about the 5 month period in a couple of days, but first I must tell you about our weekend.

It was a great " family shopping" weekend. Chris and I decided to buy some bunk beds. Even though the sex of the baby is not known yet, we will still need them. You see, if the baby is a boy, he will have his own room and the girls will share the bunk beds, and if the baby is a girl, Alanna and the baby will share. Alanna will get Hannah's twin bed now and Hannah will have the bunk beds. She is very excited about this, she loves bunk beds. And who wouldn't did you see the bed we bought? Its so cool, I ran it past Chris for us, but he didn't think it was a good idea..Hmph, go figure :)

Well why we were looking at furniture Hannah and Alanna were being your typical children running from the couches to the beds and having a good ole time until someone gets hurt...Just look at my baby's face. She fell right into a canoe like cabinet with shelves. She has a rug burn type of scratch by her eye, a cut in the side of her nose and a big purple bruise on her cheek. She looks beat up. If you ask her what happen she instantly goes into pity mode and starts blaming the boat for jumping out at her and hurting her..Its really cute. At lunch that day she had the waitress eating out of her hand with her story of her fall.
Some of our weekend is up here, if you want to see us at lunch. Also notice the pic of the Dora socks. When we took them off her the next day to get clean ones, she started to cry...She wanted the Dora on her feet. It was so sweet...
Okay 1 more story, are you still with me? For a small while now I have been in contact with a great woman, doing some surveys for her and some reviews. Remember Mr Men, well that was just the most recent? Because she is the best, she got in touch with some of her people at Disney and they sent us these great gifts to get us even more excited for our trip. Check it out. Thank you Disney...We really appreciate it..
(PS I tried to put notes on the pictures to show what we got, but it was being really slow, if you want to know, just leave a comment or email me)


  1. Cool bunkbeds - love the stairs going up the side like that. And, Alanna would easily have me eating out of her hand too - she is precious!

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  4. Anonymous3/18/2008

    Oh, she looks so pitiful! Darn those jumping boats!!! :(

    The bunk beds are way cool! Chris won't buy YOU one, but I wonder if he'd buy ME one?? :)

  5. I love the stairs for the bed! So awesome! And hope your sweet baby is ok!


  6. she's such a beautiful girl! I love the expression of her eyes.
    Hope she's feeling better!!

  7. LOVE LOVE the disney gifts!! I'm sure it just set the girls off for the trip even more! Poor Lanna...but she is still so cute. THe bunk bed are awesome too!