March 14, 2008

couch digger

this winter we have had a very cold and snowy one. This is not abnormal, but it was above average for the snow fall. The entire family has been cooped up way to long. The last couple of days the sun has been shining, but still a little cold.
The winter has been especially hard on Hannah who misses her friends and can only do so much in the house. She has been very excited about the sun and cannot stop talking about going to the beach while in Florida.
I found Hannah digging in the couch the other day and asked her what she was doing. She said she was looking for money, so when spring gets here, she will have money saved up for the ice cream man. I guess she is ready for the winter to leave us too.


  1. My boys LIVE for the ice cream truck and have hearing like dogs- they can hear it from so far away!


  2. Oh now that is just too cute!

  3. LOL! That is hilarious!

  4. Anonymous3/18/2008

    Oh yeah, this girl has got it! She knows where to find that ice cream money!!