March 13, 2008

mommy girl vs daddy girl

Last night I was on the computer trying to figure out how to upload my pictures from my camera. Chris was on his way home from work, Hannah was outside playing and Alanna was in Hannah's room watching cartoons. (Hannah's room is right off the computer room so she was closer than being in the living room). Chris comes home after about 30 minutes of me fussing with the computer and I ask if if he could help. He comes over and sits down. Alanna comes running out of the room screaming daddy, and jumps on his lap and showers him with hugs and kisses. (it was so sweet) She then wants to "show" him what she was doing. She takes him in Hannahs room and shows the bed and the TV. Chris acts very excited to see the TV and the bed and all the little things she is pointing to and telling him about and then tells her he is going to try to fix the computer for mommy. Alanna starts crying and asking for more milk. I tell her that mommy will get her some milk why daddy does the computer, but Alanna won't look at me. I get down on my knees and tell her again to hand mommy the cup. She still won't look at me. Shes still crying and yelling for daddy now. Chris gets up to get her, her milk. She is happy because daddy is caring her in the kitchen. He then brings her back and sits her back in Hannah's room, thinking she will watch the cartoons for 5 minutes why he helps me. She clings to his neck and will not let go, all the while crying daddy. I tell Chris that the computer wasn't that important and he can spend sometime with Alanna. We all go into the living room and settle on the couch. Alanna still clinging to Chris and still won't look at me. After about 5-10 minutes of them cuddling, she gets down and starts to play. I come and sit next to Chris and Alanna gets so upset she runs right back to him and must sit on Chris. I ask her what her deal is and she looks at me and says my daddy. I find this very amusing. See, Chris used to play this game with Hannah and tackle me and say my mommy and Hannah would get so upset and sometimes cry because I was her mommy. Alanna is such a daddys girl that she acts the same way when I am near Chris. Now don't get me wrong, she is ALL about me when I am with her, and even many times when Chris and I are together she is about her mommy. But last night Alanna wanted nothing to d o with her mommy and only wanted her daddy. This made daddy feel good, but mommy was a little sad.
That was until later when we were all watching Dora on TV and Alanna only wanted to cuddle with her mommy.

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  1. Awww and what a good mommy you are to let the computer wait and give her some daddy time! :-)