March 12, 2008

a whole lot of random, with very little to say

~I got my camera yesterday. I am extremely impressed with Best Buy.com. I ordered my camera Saturday afternoon and it took less than 2 business days for me to get it. My camera is cute, and I cannot wait to learn how to use it. I never realized how much learning it takes to use a camera, I am used to point and shoot, but with this camera there are so many awesome functions I want to be able to use it to its fullest potential. Hopefully by this weekend we will have awesome pictures to share.

~I've been feeling the baby move more and more. I am so loving being pregnant right now, minus the measuring big issue. :)

~Last night Hannah pulled out the game operation and her, me and Alanna sat for 2 hours playing this game. It was one of the most fun times I have spent with my girls in a while. Even though Alanna didn't fully understand, she really enjoyed making the game vibrate and the light, light up.

~What did you think about American Idol last night? Even though they are saying this is the most talented season, I'm not really impressed.

~Someone charged an amount on an old check card..Very scary. Luckily my bank is awesome and with no questions asked removed the charge and corrected the account so no more charges could be made.

~My check engine light came on this morning. Well its the new and improved malfunction light. Meaning anything under the hood could be malfunctioning, however according to the owners manual if it goes away, then everything is okay, and we the manufacturer just like to scare you while driving in heavy traffic on the exact day you forget your cell phone on the kitchen table, but if it starts blinking at you hit the eject your seat button right away because your car is about to blow. But in the meantime we are confident everything is okay...Stupid owners manual and malfunction light...I don't like either of you.

~This is the longest morning I have ever experienced..

~Over here, I posted, what I thought an extremely funny post and didn't get one response. What to you think, funny or what the hell was she thinking, she should be band from being a mom?


  1. Oh YES for long mornings..

  2. I love operation! I still have my old game from when I was little for when kiddo's come over to play!

    ok...I'm going to check out this other post you are talking about...

  3. ok - if you are talking about the link to the do's and don't's - it was hilarious!

  4. I agree w/Lori, it was pretty darn funny, I actually lol