March 27, 2008

we are here!

We made it! It wasn't that bad of a drive. The 1st day, the girls were really good. The 2nd day, today, was a little rougher, but we had a longer drive. Over all though, it was great and not as bad as I thought it would be. I could definitely make this a yearly trip. Tomorrow is Disney World and then Saturday the beach. Sunday, relaxing and Monday too. Monday night we will make our 22 hour trip home.
So far we have so many great pictures, that I can't wait to show. See you all soon! Have a great week.


  1. Yay! Glad you made it safely - can't wait to see the pics! Have fun!!!

  2. Anonymous3/28/2008

    Hugs to Mickey and Cinderella!! Have a blast!

  3. Anonymous3/28/2008

    are you having a good time well I am

    papa left anser me back in prsen

  4. I hope you had a blast at Disney today and enjoy the beach tomorrow!! Yay vacation time!!! Can't wait to see the pics!! Drive safe home!

  5. Anonymous3/29/2008

    I did not get sick last night I
    felt like I did.

  6. Anonymous3/29/2008

    Hannah is anonymous. you people.

  7. Anonymous3/29/2008

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