April 2, 2008

memories for a lifetime

Well we made it home. We got home last night about 5:30pm and was exhausted. The girls were so good in the car, that Chris and I have decided to make this Florida trip a once a year deal. The girls, Chris and I had a blast. There really are no words to describe the memories we made along the way and the gleam in both girls eyes in the adventures we took them on. We took more than 200 pictures and about 2 hours worth of video. The pictures are up here, and please forgive me for not putting them up here, but it took over 3 hours to get them upload to Flickr, and I am so tired. I am so happy we decided to drive, thanks to everyone who encouraged us to do so. You were all right, Once in a lifetime memories that we made as a family
We headed out on Wednesday at 5:45am and made it to North Carolina to visit with my Uncle, Aunt and Grandma. We stayed the night and started our trip again at 5:15 Thursday morning. We made it to my moms house around 6:00. Friday we headed for the beach in New Smyrna and never stopped from there. My mom and stepdad took us to a restaurant full of seafood, more for Chris than me, but I did try a crab stuffed mushroom for the first time. (When it comes to seafood, I am a little chicken to try it all, but slowly I am coming around). The restaurant was right on the water and when I say right on the water, it was running under our table as we ate on the deck of the restaurant. The view was amazing..Don;t ya know this was the only time I left my camera in the car...Shame on me. Saturday, we headed to the pool and swam a bit and then to Downtown disney we went. Seeing all the sites and Lego city, that was pretty cool too. If you don;t know Downtown Disney is more for adults, but they do have some fun kids stuff, like Goofys Candy store...HOLY COW, Keep me away from this store, please. The cookies were double the size of my hands, the chocolate covered strawberry was gourmet and the chocolate covered pretzels with m&m, peanuts and sprinkles would just melt in your mouth. Oh and lets not forget about the GIANT Carmel, chocolate butter finger dipped apple I had to have. That didn't last to long despite the size, good thing I'm pregnant or I would have been in big trouble.
Sunday we headed bright and early to Disney World. This was awesome. Hannah and Alanna both enjoyed it so much. We didn't get to do everything, but the important stuff like meeting Mickey and Minnie were first off our lists. Chris and Hannah rode some rides and even Alanna got in on some of the action. We seen attractions and ate, ate, ate. Popcorn and ice cream taste so much better at Disney :). We seen the parade, and skits, and many more characters along the way. We tired to see everything, and I thing we did an okay job of it. We didn't go in every building or on every ride, but what we did do was all the best in our books.
Monday we sort of relaxed, we went to the pool while Chris slept...He was prepping for our long ride home. We left at 9pm after many tears and hugs from my mom and stepdad. Well the tears came from me, Hannah and my mom. We had such a great time, and didn't want to return to reality. I missed my mom so much, before we made the trip down to Florida and the time they showed us was amazing and wonderful. We just didn't want to leave. Hannah and I sniffled about 10 more miles down the road and then reality did set in and we prepared for the car ride. We drove all night and and all day and finally made it home. I did shed a little tear when we came home but thats only because it was SO DAMN COLD, and the weather we left was dream like...80s all week long. The Michigan weather will put you in your place every time.

Like I said out trip was amazing and there really is no other words to describe it. Thanks to my mom and stepdad for showing us a GREAT time and cannot wait to do it again next year with the baby. Hopefully we can hang on to some of this fun until then. I am so greatful Chris and I were able to do this for our family and even though Alanna is only 2, I know these memories will stay with her and Hannah for the rest of their lives. Oh and I think baby boy had a great time to. Every once in a while he would kick and tell me he liked what we were doing...
PS be sure to chek out the pictures..they tell the trip so well.


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you made those wonderful memories. You're right...they will last forever! I'm going to look at the pics now!! Glad you made it back happy (except for the cold weather)!!!

  2. Anonymous4/03/2008

    It sounds perfect, Tasha. I'm so glad all of you had a great time, and I'm glad you're home safe and sound. I'm off to check out those pics now...!

  3. Glad you made it home safely. I have still never been to Florida - it is on my list!
    That's awesome that you are going to make it a yearly trip. I know your Mom is thrilled!