April 3, 2008

the evaluation

Alanna had her early on evaluation yesterday. They evaluated her motor skills, comprehension, language and speech, and her overall in all the categories. Alanna is 28 months. She is 30-36 months for the comprehension (you go girl), 27-30 months for her motor, and language and communication skills, and her speech is 24 months. She has to be at a 50% delay for her to qualify for speech therapy. That would put her at about 12 months old, where she is now is only a 4-6 month delay. She does not qualify for the speech therapy. In a way I am proud that she has come so far since her tubes and we can actually have semi conversations now, but on the other hand, I know she needs that extra push for her pronunciation problems, which is for the most part her delay problem area. The 2 ladies that came to our house were great, and I really enjoyed them. Our case worker said she would still like to do a couple more home visits and give us some tools to help Alanna at home. I am very pleased with this and can't wait to get started. Our next appointment is April 23. Hopefully this is that little push Alanna needs to get caught up. Next step preschool. OMG did I just say preschool...My baby is growing so fast.


  1. Yay for Alanna!! I think she'll be caught up in no time. She IS growing up so fast. When I started reading your blog she was so teeny and now she's a little woman!! Time flies.

  2. That is good news!!! She is so young and will catch on fast - could be that tubes are all she needed. I'm so happy for you!