April 4, 2008

baby no name

I am convinced that this baby will have no name. This is our 3rd child and I finally bought a baby name book. It has 100,001 names in it. On the way to Florida I went through the entire boy section and Chris said no to all except 1 and he isn't even sure he really likes that name. He says because I am a girl, I pick girly boy names and he does not want a sissy for a son. Personally I think the names are cute, yet strong. If they are not sissy then he says fairy...I do not mean to offend anyone if they love a certain name, this is just my husbands preference and please more power to you if you like a name he has turned down...When Alanna was born, Chris had asked the nurse what happens if the parents don;t name the baby..They said they will not allow the baby to leave the hospital. I told Chris whats the point of setting up a nursery when we will be visiting our son in the hospital until he is 18 and chooses a name for himself.
I'm not a fan of traditional boy names, and like the ones that are not off the wall, but that you don't hear everyday. I don;t want there to be 5 other kids with the same name. Chris has no clue what he likes. He doesn't want a C or a K name because the middle name will be Christopher and our last name starts with a K and he says it would be to much ka sounding. I agree, somewhat. Chris also does not like unisex names because heaven forbid a girl should have the same name...I keep bugging Chris to think of names, but he says we have 4 months and thats plenty of time. I am inpatient and need to bond with my baby NOW and need a name to call him because baby boy is driving me crazy. I try to get Alanna to notice her brother, and if he had a name it would be much easier to bond for everyone. So please, please help me. I need names. baby no name is not cutting it anymore. I need to calm the inpatient beast ready to scream at any moment.


  1. My husband and I couldn't decide on a name either. Up until the day Joshua was born, we were still calling him 'Baby 2' I think girl's names are so much easier... good luck finding the perfect name! :)

  2. Good luck Tash!! I liked the "B" name you mentioned a while back!!!

  3. Ha! That sounds like Kevin - some names apparently automatically mean "gay". LOL! Jeez!

  4. Anonymous4/05/2008

    Yes, when I was pregnant with our GIRL (Thank God she was a girl!) we had tried to pick out boy names just in case, and could not agree either. I felt the same as you Tasha, I wanted something modern and something not another six kids in the class would have. My hubby was like Chris - he said my favorites were all girly names!! He liked "Mark", I liked "Travis." I also liked "Jordan," but since that time that seems to have become more popular for girls. I like the name "Daniel" too! Good luck!

  5. Can you help us narrow it down a little more?


    The first two that came to my mind were Evan or Ethan. Somewhat unusual without being to weird or girly.

  6. I'm not going to be much help here. I had a hard enough time naming my two sons! :) We were reading the name book while I was in labor, because we couln't agree on a name! I will say that I saw someone who named their son Ozzie, and I think it's really cute!

  7. Just don't name him Owen. I know about 5 boys who are ages 0 mo - 2 years and 3 of the 5 are named Owen!

  8. why dont try making up your own name? May be that way he'll have an unique name :) that noone will have.
    Just being silly...
    Hope you find a name that you both like.