March 11, 2008

Why I love google and the internet

So I was a little more worried than I let on in yesterdays post. So I googled "measuring big for 19 weeks pregnant" and this is what I found at babycenter.com.
What does it mean if I'm "measuring large for dates"? Measuring large for dates means your fundal height is more than 2 centimeters larger than average for your stage of pregnancy, based on your due date. Your practitioner will probably schedule an ultrasound to find out why. Among the possible explanations are:
• Your due date is off. (The ultrasound can help your practitioner figure out your correct due date.)*
You have looser abdominal muscles than most women as a result of an earlier pregnancy.*
• You have uterine fibroids.
• You're carrying twins or more.
• You have too much amniotic fluid.
• Your baby is positioned high above your pelvis, which might be the case with a breech baby or if you have a placenta previa.
• You have a bigger-than-normal baby because of gestational diabetes. This condition is known as macrosomia. You may need to be tested to rule it out.
Or you might simply be carrying a big, perfectly healthy baby.*
I also read that some "fluffy" women are more likely measuring bigger, because of the extra pounds.*

I put an * next to the explanations I like, or that could apply more really to me.


  1. I guessed yesterday that the due date may be off...yay! Not that we know or anything, but I was trying to make you feel better and wasn't WAY off base! ha!
    Now...why no * by the twins one?

  2. I was thinking the due date was off too...or twins?? I'm sure you will be just fine, especially since you are being super careful with this baby!