April 18, 2008

The new bed

Chris decided to put the bunk beds together last night. He really impressed me, because there was no tantrums, no stomping, and no throwing the furniture around the house, LOL. He was a good hubby and daddy last night. After the beds were all put together Alanna went around and said thankyou to me, Chris and our friend Phil who helped. She then went to her new bed and started kissing it all over and saying thankyou. It was THE SWEETEST thing in the world...I know you just want to steal her from me, but you can't. Shes mine. Well you can have her around 8:00 everynight. Thats when she starts to get crabby for bed time.
The girls slept in their new beds with little problems. Hannah complained because she wasn't used to the new and improved comfy mattress we bought. Alanna wanted to sleep with her sister on the top bunk and I had to go in the room a couple of times which is not normal, but over all I am very proud of the girls and how they handled the change.
We decided to put the girls in the same room now so when the baby comes they will be used to sharing and not feel displaced or moved out of their room right away... Pictures are coming soon, as soon as the room gets put all the way togehter.


  1. Anonymous4/18/2008

    No fair. I want a new bed.

  2. Way to go Chris! :-)

    Alanna is precious by the way!

  3. Ah a new bed!! And good job Chris!! No tantrums or stomping!! I'll taka Alanna any day!!