April 17, 2008

I am mom

Well Hannah survived her sheep dissection, or maybe I should say the parent helper who did it for her survived. As soon as I got home last night I asked Hannah how it went. She said it was disgusting, but had all sort of exciting facts about the eye. She is so me, there is no denying Hannah as my daughter. I am not a hands on person. I would much rather read a book or learn facts that to see all the nastys that go along with a dissection.

Don't get to excited, but I think baby never gonna have a name, may have a name. I was giving Chris different names last night and he actually said he liked one of them. This name and this name only has been on the "maybe its not so bad list" from the beginning, and I think it might just stick..its not 100% yet, but at least I got from him, "I kinda like it", so I am happy.

I was thinking about keeping the name a secret until the baby is born. When I mention the name to some, they wrinkle their noses and I don't need any negative feed back on my child's name. I am his mother and Chris is the father, and as long as we like it that all that matters. Plus I think it could be exciting and suspenseful. Everyone already knows its a boy, why not have his name be surprising when he is born. I think I might run this my Chris..What do you think? Should there be some level of surprise at the birth?


  1. you go girl! keep it a secret...
    more suspenful... and exciting!

  2. Oh come on - you gotta tell us! I want to know NOW!

    Glad Hannah survived the disection...I still can't believe they do that in 2nd grade!

  3. We did the same. Everyone knew we were having a boy and EVERYONE asked what his name was, but we decided to wait until he was born before telling. (of course we didn't decide until the week before Joshua was born!) But I still say wait.

  4. Anonymous4/18/2008

    I like the keeping it secret idea. HOWEVER...the suspense is killing me so if you want to drop a hint in my email....LOL

    I'm sure whatever you choose will be perfect.

  5. I think it's s good idea to keep it a secret!!! You're right, there should be some level of surprise, and that's perfect!! I'm sure whatever name you both picked out will suit the baby AND your family perfectly!!!! I can't wait!!!