April 16, 2008

random thinkings

~I feel sad, I usually get about 10 emails or more a day and I have not gotten one today. Can I get some love people?

~I was thinking about redoing my site design AGAIN. I know it was just done, but I get bored. I rearrange my house like this too. Any suggestions?

~I didn't get my buyout, I can't wait until maternity leave kicks in

~How much more cooler weather can one person handle? For gosh sakes its the middle of April and Lindsey's wedding is in 2 weeks, and she needs green grass and sunshine, along with birds chirping and flowers growing for her great day. Lets get it going mother nature!

~My 1 year anniversary is in 12 days. I still love my husband :)

~So much has happend in the last 2 years. I gave birth to Alanna, bought a house, got married, drove to Florida, and got pregnant again..Life is good right now.


  1. Life is good! And, I think I just bombarded you with comments/emails! hee-hee! Your wish is granted....for some reason, I couldn't log on to your blog last night - only the header would come up...hmmmm??
    And, I know what you mean about getting bored with your layout, I am the same...I was thinking of calling Lindsay myself. Go look at that image site she has - maybe something with a cartoon family in the header???

  2. Your life is so good Tasha!!!!!! I have been meaning to send you a nice long email....PLEASE send us some warm weather!! Today was gorgeous, not that warm, but at least it was sunny!! Miss ya girl!!

  3. Anonymous4/18/2008

    I'm like that too with my blog, Tasha. I love things when I first do them, but then I tire of them easily. I'm a huge computer geek and love to make graphics though, so that probably has something to do with my frequent changes. Since you've had the current design, your blog takes forever to load in my browser. I actually have to shrink the window down and reopen IE to continue doing whatever I'm doing to allow your blog time to load (about 10 minutes.)